CAT I / CAT II / CAT III approach lights; threshold, edge, center line, touch zone and runway end lights; approach angle lights; apron and taxiway edge and center line lights; controllable and uncontrollable stop bar lights and WIG WAG lights; vertical illuminated markings; reflector lighting of aprons and hangars and other unlisted lamps.

Substations; constant current regulators; surge arresters; backup power sources (diesel generators and UPS); cable ducts, primary and secondary cables of serial circuits with associated connectors and insulating transformers; modules for individually controlled luminaires with associated optical and metal cables; 400 Hz central and decentralized systems for powering aircraft at the stands.

Remote control and monitoring systems for AGL, power and apron lighting; instrumental guidance systems; meteorological systems, AGL remote control systems from aircraft; SMGCS (Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems); r

ELGRA VISION d.o.o. staff installed lighting, power, and control-monitoring equipment at airports of all categories. Particularly noteworthy is the “Nikola Tesla” Airport in Belgrade, where the installed equipment enables constant openness up to a horizontal visibility below 50 m, while the vertical one is 0 m.

In conditions of reduced visibility, with the use of individually controlled lights and a special system of remote control and monitoring, aircraft is enabled a safe movement on taxiways from / to the runway. For these purposes, the air traffic controller can, by simply pressing a “button” on the Workstation screen, form the selected light line for the pilot of the aircraft or stop its movement using the Stop bar.

Our professional staff was trained in school centers of TRANSCON ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS (Czech Republic), ERNI AGL AG (Switzerland), CALZAVARA, CLAMPCO SYSTEMS (Italy) and NIVATEC-EUROPOLES GmbH (Switzerland). The company has so far applied the acquired knowledge at the airports “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade, “Konstantin Veliki” in Nis and at the airport “Banja Luka”. Thanks to these trainings and specializations, the company’s experts are available to clients both during design and construction.

In addition, they can skillfully test and put into operation the AGL at each airport within the agreed deadline. In addition to all the above, retroreflective markers are used to mark maneuvering surfaces. Blue markers type EVM-375, which provide the pilot with information about the width of the taxiway, are placed, according to the recommendations of ICAO and FAA, on the tracks equipped with center line lamps. In winter conditions, when the edge lights or markers can be covered with snow deposits, special red markers (snow markers) type EVSM-1000 are placed.

In addition to working at our largest airport, we are especially proud of the work on the reconstruction of the complete light marking system of the northern runway of Dubai Airport, UAE, as well as the constant cooperation on many projects with Banja Luka Airport in RS.