Regarding the works on lighting of other important public areas and buildings, the company ELGRA VISION D.O.O. has on several occasions performed works on the lighting of airport aprons, i.e., areas intended for aircraft parking.

Thus, as part of the works on the expansion of Apron C of Belgrade airport “Nikola Tesla” in 2013, the company installed 5 floodlight poles to illuminate the area where 5 aircraft can be parked.

Only three years later, 5 new poles were installed at Belgrade Airport to illuminate the newly built Apron N, i.e., the deicing apron.

The same works were performed on the installation of floodlight poles to illuminate the airplane parking area at the Morava Airport in Ladjevci, near Kraljevo.

In addition to new aprons, the works at further modernization and expansion of the Belgrade airport, include the construction of a large parking lot, for the lighting of which ELGRA VISION D.O.O. installed new poles with LED lights.

A particularly attractive endeavor was the modernization of the decorative lighting of the Aval tower. The existing lighting of one of the symbols of Belgrade is enriched with lights placed both at the foot of the antenna tower and on the antenna itself.