ELGRA VISION d.o.o. has the human and technical resources required for the turn-key construction of new substations. This includes the process that starts with the development of project documentation, through the execution of works, up to the technical acceptance and putting the substation into operation. The construction of the pole-mounted substation “Badrika” near Smederevo with the transformation of 35 kV / 0.4 kv stands out here. Concrete prefabricated substations, pole-mounted substations and substations in 20 kV and 10 kV / 0.4 kV facilities were built in Belgrade, Surčin, Batajnica, Pirot, Bela Palanka, Niš and Bogatić. These also include the substations made for the requirements of NIS GAZPROM NJEFT throughout Vojvodina. In addition to the construction of completely new substations, at the request of the user, the company also performs reconstructions of the existing ones, which includes the replacement of old and worn-out parts of the plant with the new, up-to-date and more reliable parts.