Within its scope of activities, ELGRA VISION D.O.O. performs works on the construction of electrical installations of public lighting systems on highways (corridors, tunnels, traffic loops), city streets, squares and in parks. Among many sites where we executed works on public lighting, our reference list includes:

  • Traffic loops – Batajnica, Preljina, Takovo
  • Tunnels – Brdjani and Savinac

Also city streets:

  • Streets – Lava Tolstoja, Mire Markovic, Nikole Djurkovica in Pancevo;
  • Cara Konstantina in Sremska Mitrovica;
  • Brace Badzak in Mladenovac
  • Goce Delceva Square in Jabuka

In accordance with the project of public lighting, Elgra Vision doo executed works on new access roads for the road-railway bridge in Novi Sad, ie Žeželj’s bridge. Lighting of both existing and new roads was done on both the Novi Sad and Petrovaradin sides of the Danube.

It also performed works on the equipping and installation of electric systems for public lighting on the Belgrade-South Adriatic highway, on the section from Surčin to Obrenovac. That section includes a new, 1581 meters long bridge, was built near the confluence of the Kolubara into the Sava. On the access roads and on the bridge itself, a total of 62 new, 12 meters high pillars, were installed, and lamps with LED bulbs were mounted. The luminaires are equipped with controllers for remote control and diagnostics.