The company is equipped and trained for various types of field interventions, including emergency ones. Staff consists of many skilled workers as well as a dozen engineers, several of whom hold personal licenses for design and execution of works.

The company cooperates with experts from the Faculties of Civil Engineering and Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, competent services of the Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia, the Civil Aviation Administration of Montenegro, the Civil Aviation Directorate of BiH, the Department of Fire Protection and other individuals and institutions.

The company owns construction machinery, cargo, passenger, and delivery vehicles. In addition, there are trucks equipped for lifting extremely heavy loads or with baskets for work at height.

As a team, ELGRA VISION DOO  meets all the requirements of the Client, performing work as needed in the evening and at night, or on weekends. The reference list includes Elektroprivreda Srbije, NIS Gazprom Neft, Nikola Tesla and Konstantin Veliki Airports, Batajnica Military Airport, Clinical Center of Serbia, Tax Administration, National Bank of Serbia, Republika Srpska Airports, Hotel Splendid in Montenegro, several Ministries and others.