Investor: Belgrade “Nikola Tesla” airport

During the summer of 2016, works began on the apron for deicing and preventing icing on airplanes at Belgrade’s “Nikola Tesla” airport. With the construction of this apron, the maneuvering, parking, and traffic areas have been expanded, and its uninterrupted functioning enables aircraft maintaining in conditions of exceptionally low temperatures.

As part of the consortium, ELGRA VISION D.O.O. participated in the works on the AGL system of the newly built apron with the delivery and installation of equipment. Thus, during several months of work, a completely new cable sewer was installed with the associated shafts, followed by new inset and elevated lights which control the movements of the aircraft on the apron. In addition, the company has erected five 25-meter-high reflector poles that illuminate the entire surface of the apron. The floodlights are controlled by a remote-control system also installed by ELGRA VISION D.O.O.